Rs. 350.00
104 Clinical Cases In Medicine Presentation And Discussion 1st Edition 2015 By Chugh S.N...
Rs. 570.00
150 Ecg Cases International Edition 5th edition 2019 By John Hampton..
Rs. 295.00
The author, Dr Eranthi Samarakoon, being a dedicated and a committed teacher, understands the diffic..
Rs. 270.00
214 SINGLE BEST ANSWER QUESTIONS IN OBSTETRICS 1st Edition 2017 By Eranthi Samarakoon MBBS, ..
Rs. 320.00
800 Multiple Choice (True/False) Questions in Obstetrics and Gynecology 1St Edition 2017 By Eranthi ..
Rs. 995.00
A Case Oriented Approach Towards Biochemistry 1st Edition 2013 By Namrata Chhabra Sahil Chhabra..
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• A comprehensive book that covers commonly performed procedures in pediatric healthcare setup. ..
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The partograph portion is replaced with the revised WHO notes and graph. ‘Client education’ boxes an..
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A Guide to Medical Surgical Nursing 1st Edition 2017 By Srinanda Ghosh Manashi Sengupta..
Rs. 720.00
Across: A Complete Review of Short Subjects (Volume 4),Saumya Shukla,Anurag Shukla,Siddharth Dixit,K..
Rs. 650.00
Across: A Complete Review of Short Subjects (Volume 5),Saumya Shukla,Anurag Shukla,Siddharth Dixit,K..
Rs. 1,200.00
AIIMs Medeasy-Volume-I  Nov. 2018 to May 2015 Vaibhav,Bharat..
Rs. 8,254.00
Effectively diagnose and treat a wide range of skin conditions with the latest edition of the highly..
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