Rs. 1,550.00 Rs. 1,050.00
Mc Cracken's Removable Partial Prosthodontics;First South Asia edition 2016 By Carr ..
Rs. 1,650.00 Rs. 1,240.00
Prosthodontic Treatment for Edentulous Patients: Complete Dentures and Implant-Supported Prostheses;..
Rs. 2,195.00 Rs. 1,756.00
Textbook of Prosthodontics 2nd Edition 2017 By Deepak Nallaswamy Veeraiyan..
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Essential Manual of Preclinical Prosthodontics 1st Edition 2019 by Paranjay Prajapati Sneha Kulkarni..
Rs. 350.00 Rs. 300.00
Prosthodontics at a Glance 1st Edition 2018 By Sabita M Ram..
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