ENT & Otolaryngology

Rs. 1,520.00 Rs. 1,220.00
Diseases of Ear Nose and throat & Head and Neck Surgery 7th Edition 2019 By PL Dhingra Shruti Dh..
Rs. 1,195.00 Rs. 960.00
Diseases of Ear Nose and Throat 2nd edition 2018 Mohan Bansal..
Rs. 1,495.00 Rs. 1,000.00
NEW ACROSS: A Complete Review of Short Subjects (3 Volumes) 9th Edition 2017 By Saumya Shukla Anurag..
Rs. 320.00 Rs. 290.00
Practical ENT 3rd Edition 2017 By Vikas Sinha..
Rs. 14,200.00 Rs. 8,400.00
Biopsy Interpretation of the Head and Neck 2020 By Edward B. Stelow and Stacey Mills..
Rs. 1,250.00 Rs. 999.00
Clinical ENT 3rd Edition 2020 By Neha Shah..
Rs. 4,395.00 Rs. 2,800.00
Cochlear Implants: From Principles to Practice 1st Edition 2020 By David S Haynes George B Wanna Ren..
Rs. 32,800.00 Rs. 21,000.00
Cummings Otolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery, 7th Edition 2020 (International Edition) ..
Rs. 2,450.00 Rs. 1,960.00
ENT Essentials by Elina M Toskala 1st Edition 2020 & David W Kennedy..
Rs. 1,050.00 Rs. 850.00
Essentials of Ear, Nose and Throat 1st Edition 2016 By Mohan Bansal..
Rs. 1,795.00 Rs. 1,350.00
Logan Turner's Diseases Of The Nose,Throat And Ear Head & Neck Surgery 11th Edition 2016 by Mush..
Rs. 2,500.00 Rs. 1,999.00
Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) 4th Edition 2018 by Zakir Hussain..
Rs. 1,250.00
Oxford Handbook of ENT and Head and Neck SurgerySecond EditionRogan Corbridge and Nicholas Steventon..
Rs. 14,295.00 Rs. 9,000.00
Paparella’S Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery(2 Volumes set):1st Edition 2020 By Paparella Mich..
Rs. 1,350.00 Rs. 1,010.00
Pocket Tutor Otolaryngology;2nd Edition 2020 By Abir Bhattacharyya..
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