Psychiatric Mental Health

Rs. 495.00 Rs. 370.00
Essentials of Psychiatry and Mental Health Nursing; 1st Edition 2020 By Rajesh Kumar..
Rs. 1,630.00 Rs. 1,220.00
Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Nursing;10th Edition 2013 By Stuart..
Rs. 475.00 Rs. 420.00
Psychology for Nurses;2nd Edition 2018 By Babu..
Rs. 340.00 Rs. 270.00
Essentials of Psychology for BSc Nursing Students;1st Edition 2017 By Krishne Gowda..
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Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing;9th Edition 2020 By Mary C. Townsend & Karyn I. Morgan..
Rs. 625.00 Rs. 460.00
Textbook of Mental health & Psychiatric Nursing for BSc Students;1st Edition 2019 By P Prakash&n..
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