Rs. 1,965.00 Rs. 1,410.00
Berry & Kohn's Operating Room Technique First South Asia Edition 2016 By Nancymarie PHILLIPS..
Rs. 1,250.00 Rs. 970.00
Clinical Surgery Pearls 3rd Edition 2018 By Dayananda Babu..
Rs. 14,250.00 Rs. 7,700.00
Differential Diagnosis in Surgical Pathology: Pulmonary Pathology;1st Edition 2016 By Rosane Duarte ..
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Essential Surgery is a comprehensive and highly illustrated textbook suitable for both clinical medi..
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Exam Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates Surgery 2nd Edition 2018 By Gunjan S Desai Verushka Mansu..
Rs. 2,995.00 Rs. 2,390.00
FRCS General Surgery Section 1,500 SBAs and EMIs,2nd Edition 2018 By Alasdair Wilson Wendy Craig ..
Rs. 32,000.00 Rs. 19,800.00
Green's Operative Hand Surgery(2-Volume Set); 8th Edition 2021 By Scott W. Wolfe & William C. Pe..
Rs. 22,500.00 Rs. 14,280.00
Hinman's Atlas of Urologic Surgery;4th Edition By  Joseph A. Smith Jr...
Rs. 42,731.00 Rs. 27,000.00
Kirklin/Barratt-Boyes Cardiac Surgery;(2-Volume Set), 4th Edition 2012 By Kouchoukos..
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Long Cases in General Surgery 3rd Edition 2019 By R Rajamahendran..
Rs. 2,750.00 Rs. 1,980.00
MRCS Part B OSCE: Anatomy 1st Edition 2013 By Jeremy Lynch Susan Shelmerdine Vishy Mahadevan..
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