Supplementary Textbook

Rs. 795.00 Rs. 630.00
A Guide to Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing;4th(Reprint) Edition 2023 By R Sreevani..
Rs. 1,150.00 Rs. 860.00
Airway Management 1st Edition 2019 By Geetanjali S Verma..
Rs. 625.00 Rs. 480.00
Applied Psychology for Nurses;4th Edition 2022 By R Sreevani..
Rs. 5,275.00 Rs. 3,690.00
Arias Practical Guide to High-Risk Pregnancy and Delivery A South Asian Perspective 5th Edition 2019..
Rs. 1,695.00 Rs. 1,350.00
Clinical Methods in Obstetrics and Gynecology;2nd Edition 2020 By Manju Puri..
Rs. 2,630.00 Rs. 1,950.00
Clinical Orthodontics: Current Concepts, Goals and Mechanics, 2nd Edition 2015 By Ashok Karad..
Rs. 1,095.00 Rs. 870.00
Community Medicine Buster(Based on New CBME Curriculum);4th Edition 2023 By Gautam Sarker & Pala..
Rs. 1,050.00 Rs. 790.00
Community Medicine: Prep Manual for Undergraduates;3rd Edition 2021 By Rajiv Bhalwar..
Rs. 955.00 Rs. 720.00
Concise Pathology for Exam Preparation;4th Edition 2020 By Geetika Khanna Bhattacharya..
Rs. 700.00 Rs. 520.00
Concise Textbook of Physiology for Dental Students 2nd Edition 2011 Yogesh Tripathi..
Rs. 3,985.00 Rs. 2,790.00
Contemporary Fixed Prosthodontics;2nd(South Asia) Edition 2022 By Stephen F Rosenstiel..
Rs. 3,575.00 Rs. 2,500.00
Contemporary Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 7th Edition 2019: South Asia Edition By James Hupp..
Rs. 2,775.00 Rs. 1,940.00
Dacie and Lewis Practical Haematology;12th (International) Edition 2016 By Barbara Bain..
Rs. 3,025.00 Rs. 2,120.00
Daniels and Worthingham's Muscle Testing;1st SAE 2018 By Dale Avers..
Rs. 1,945.00 Rs. 1,400.00
Dental Radiography: Principles And Techniques, First South Asia Editon 2016 By Iannucci ..
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